Margot Livesey

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  • 1996
  • Alfred A. Knopf & Picador
  • Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, iBook
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A cautious, distracted London banker hurrying to visit his troubled sister, Mollie, in Scotland finds a baby abandoned in a bus station restroom and takes the child with him. Mollie's emotional life is in tatters—or is it?—and she clings to the infant with desperate cunning. Meanwhile, a foreign-born mother is missing her baby, and her scheming boyfriend sees an opportunity to make a tidy profit.

In the Author's Words

"I was walking across Boston Common one snowy evening, on my way to teach at Emerson College, when across the street I saw a group of people at a bus stop, holding up pictures of babies. Between one step and the next I thought I'll write a novel about someone who finds a baby at a bus station. Then I thought but who should that person be? And at once I felt very strongly that it should be someone quite unlike me: a man, a banker. By this time I had almost reached the group of people and I saw that they were in fact a group of protesters outside an abortion clinic but the idea persisted. A few weeks later, when term was over, I went to the MacDowell Colony with my friend Andrea Barrett—she was working on her wonderful book Ship Fever—and I sat down and wrote a draft of Criminals."

Praise for Criminals

"A wonderful novel, impeccably written and thoroughly engrossing." The New York Times Book Review

"One of the most surprising thrillers of the year—completely offbeat, unexpected and unique. Margot Livesey is right up there in the realm of P.D. James." Newsday

"Criminals is a book of deep intrigue, full of suspense and surprising moral revelation. Its Hardyesque subject can be said to be how lives are haunted, reconfigured, and even ruined by one small misstep. Conducted in tone-perfect prose, it is the balanced, incisive, mature work of a fully accomplished novelist." Richard Ford

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